Tuesday, December 31, 2013

good bye 2013

Introducing my niece, zaraa
Hi..happy new year everyone. 
2013 is important year to me because I started working and I migrated to Sandakan.

My parents visiting me @ sandakan
Eventhough to me, there is nothing in sandakan (its hard to shop here because the choices are limited and most shops close at 5.30 pm and limited food of my liking) ..its a great place to stay. I kind of start to like the people here.

My preconvo gifts. Absolutely a surprise

My convo day
I've got some ups and downs in my working life but I have a great family and friends. Eventhough they are far away,  it seems like they are really near. I always remember them, they are all in my heart and mind.

Even how deep I fell, I'm strong. I will never let situation crippled me. So, I enjoyed myself after I tumbled.

I went to see refflessia! !

Pulau Sapi
I wish everbody a happy new year.  May 2014 will be a great year for you

Monday, July 1, 2013


good girl!

On 18 of may 2013, I went to queensland with my sister.
We'd just decided to go there 2 weeks before our flight and there was a promotion by airasia. For 2 weeks, I slept very late to plan my journey (since my sister had a very little contribution for the planning part!)

These were important things to study before going anywhere:
1. Your budget...what activity can you do with that budget? Where to stay with that budget? (1$ is about RM3)
2. Transportation
3. Weather/season
4. Communication..is it cheaper by roaming/buy that county's simcard
5. Requirements to enter a country- we need visa...
6. Halal food & prayer rooms

What I should have in my backpack??
1. Thick blanket- I was very lucky that I remembered to bring this because the blanket given in the dorm was as thin as baju pagoda! ! IT'S CRAZY because it was 9°c at night!!
2. Lotion, lip balm & moisturizer- before I went to Australia, I didn't understand why human needs moisturizer. .the weather was very dry and your skin shaded like you had dandruff all over your body!
3. Sunglass- the sun was extreme than malaysia
p/s no need to bring a lot of clothes because to me, i didn't smell bad even if  i bathed once in 2 days. i'm serious!my brother (he's studying at brisbane) said its ok to bathe once in 4 days there! :)

things to buy online before you arrived:
1. entry tickets for theme park

Queensland has a lot of theme  great parks. So, it is important to buy the theme park pass online because sometimes,  there is discount and more importantly, you can save a lot of time from queuing at the ticket booths when you get there.  Believe me, the lines were super looong!!!

so, right after you arrived there you need:
1. gocard
2. simcard

 I was in a tight budget so, the cheapest place to stay was backpacker dorms and the cheapest transportation is by using GoCard ( its like touch n go in malaysia..can use it on buses, trains and ferries) its cheaper to use the card than to buy tickets for each entrance.

It is easier to have internet on your phone for transportation schedule (translink.au). And I bought australia simcard because it is cheaper than roaming.

eventhough most of the things are expensive in australia, there are some thnigs  that are cheaper than malaysia
1. perfume- buy them at pharmacies! they are cheaper than duty free shops!and they have variety of perfumes that i never seen in malaysia! cost range: 17 to 100$. beyonce- 23$, elizabeth arden 17$, justin bieber 54$....
2. Roxy and RipCurl...come on! they had like crazy sales where a 10$= RM30 for a wallet and 20$ for handbag..

kesimpulannya, I fell in love with queensland mostly because of the friendly people (believe me or not, i think they are more polite and warm compared to malaysian), there was no racist issue, they treat tourist really politely; there are very-different-flora and fauna; and the transport systems are really efficient. i felt like i was welcomed there. i would definitely go there again!! i recommended australia to all of my friends

Burger+nachos+fries+solo (carbonated drink)=20 $=RM60..but the portion was huuugeee!

Basically,  this is multifaith room in the gold coast airport. That means that whatever religion you are, you can pray here. If there is no prayer room, diaper changing room is my choice to pray. Asalkan bersih, ye x?  


surfer's paradise- matahari terik eventhough it was 15degree celcius..malaysia's weather is the best!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

i was right!! older ≠ wiser

hi! today i was facebooking. there was a friend's post saying that people don't believe in her just because she is a YOUNG doctor (freshly just passed the final exam).

most of us gave comment like "be patient" then suddenly, there was a person that i don't know commented:

so he accused my friend for being too proud and she boasted that she is a 'DOCTOR'...he also said many negative things.. so, i stepped in because my friend didn't do anything! my idea was to rasionalised things to this man and i wrote using polite words too..
but in the end he called me of being 'pretending to be good' and he twisted my words to annoyed me.  so, another friend stepped in and saying something like 'just ignore him'. and i did after that:
so in the next conversation, i was commenting on his speech and language like a psychiatrist did but without addressing to HIM!so, i think he felt annoyed and said like that HE IS MY FRIEND'S UNCLE!!

now i get it why my friend didn't react anything!! i really, really wanted to reply back "really??you don't seem like an uncle for me because you are sooo immature. for some people, only the body will grow and age, but not the mind"

today's incident got me remembering my younger days..when i was in my rebel days, i always thought that why must i respect older people?they're just older me..nothing special about them.they're just... people! but when i was like 18years-old until just now, i was thinking..we need to respect older people because they are wise because they have more experiences....but now i'm thinking, i need to equally respect all people disregard of age, race, money, title..anything but the respect can be gained and crushed.so, in the end, i'm back with my 12 years-old opinion. I WAS RIGHT!!

but the incident reminds me: DON'T EVER EVER EVER TREAT PEOPLE BELOW ME BADLY!!
so thanks a lot the annoying uncle!!